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It all started with me wanting something soft, warm and long. And while looking through mom’s old Burdas, I came across an A-line simple dress with a bolero. Decided to make it and went out and bought this calm but nice grey jacquard knit with navy blue diamond pattern.
Time passed and I started having second thoughts…First considered using the pattern I ended up using here but make it long and make a bolero, then thought maybe it’s better to do the pattern in original format and use the remaining fabric for a sweatshirt or top, but in the end decided to satisfy my desire for a long dress anyway, and add sleeves to keep it warmer and avoid having to worry about something to wear under or on top. And of course! pockets are essential :)
The result is exactly what I wanted to achieve, it looks cosy but still wearable outside, it’s the most comfortable material of all times, it’s warm and I love it!
The only negative thing is the restricted step range due to the straight skirt :D Already happily used to work, then to cinema then to restaurant. A new favorite in my wardrobe :)