2 / 1647

This fabric was described on the site as bi-stretch gabardine. I had a very different idea of what gabardine is so I originally bought this to make Erik’s pants, but of course when I took it out of the package, I saw straight away that that won’t be happening. The shipping to return it would’ve cost me half the price so I decided to keep it for later.

Then the January issue came out and this gorgeous simple dress with ruffles was there! Made of a much lighter fabric but I figured it’ll work with something heavier.

I did a couple of simple modifications on the pattern:
- Cut the back on the fold instead of two pieces.
- Eliminated the opening and button on the back. My fabric is stretchy but the neckline of the pattern was big enough even without stretching.
- Finished the edges of the ruffles with a rolled hem on my serger, not tight zig-zag as the instructions say.
- I added in-seam pockets, but the fabric is rather un-ironable (behaves a bit like scuba), so they stuck out and didn’t look good and I removed them again.

I love how this turned out! And according to Instagram, so do my friends :)
And as is becoming the norm a bit more on my blog :)