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♫ ♪ Disorder

The pattern for Kat strapless dress by Grainline Studio was a birthday gift from my friends..

This was my first time using this pattern and I wanted to make a wearable muslin.. Last winter I bought 4 or 5 pieces of very lightweight cotton from the remnant bin.. I didn’t like much the color, too pale for my taste, but the pineapple print and super low price were a big plus.. In my fabric stash I have found green lining that perfectly goes with pineapples.. Beside the lining, there was no other fabric to go with the main fabric.. That’s why I decided to use neon green piping for all the horizontal lines instead of combining different fabrics..

The first thing I had to do after printing the pattern was to find my size.. I have to admit, until that happened I thought that size 0 was only a joke.. Things to be funnier, my size is between 0 and 2! I decided to cut the size 0, because the seam allowances are included.. I hate included seam allowances.. I love the freedom of choosing my own, which are usually very small, between 0.5 and 0.7cm.. In case of this dress I constantly had to remind myself of half an inch allowance.. That’s why I made a few mistakes you can see on the bodice..I inserted the boning in the lining.. The skirt I sewed only with one piece for the front, and two for the back.. At the back I inserted a yellow metal zipper.. Along with the piping that is my favorite detail..

There’s more photos on my blog ..