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Silk Caftan – Burda Style 2/2013 #123

I used vintage light weight cotton, which appears to be some type of shirting fabric with a strong grain, to make this short beachy caftan. I found it quite tricky learning how to make the bound button holes and I made some messy stitches if you look up close lol. I had to make the front opening wider as I accidentally put a hole in that area, so there are no buttons down the front, but its fine because it makes it loose and breezy looking. So I gave metered corners a go.

I sourced some fun pompom trim for the sides, and also made some tassels out of some fringe from the haberdashery. There was a bit of puckering happening when I was stitching but no one will know lol. And if it ever gets stained I’ll just go and dip-dye it some bright and groovy colour. I went down to the wharf for my wannabe model session to try and get that glam look lol.