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For my 4th project in my ND1 (national diploma year 1) in fashion and textiles, i was given the brief of creating a collection or: four A5 sized embroidery samples, and an illustration of what one of these samples could become. These all needed to be around the theme of the 1950’s. (I actually finished this project over a month ago but am only just getting around to up loading it.)

for this project I had to carry out research on the common prints and textiles which were popular in the 1950’s. as well as looking at the significant changes to the design world which came about during this era. from this research i found that instead of flower heads the plant structure was increasingly popular as was all things to do with the space movement. looking at 1950’s print designers helped me to develop my own ideas and create my own samples.
a lot of time and effort went in to creating these embroidery samples, which paid off as i got a distinction for the project.