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This shirt is sewn on the pattern Burda 12/2014 mod 124. The fabric of unknown origin and composition, is similar to silk and viscose. Something in between. We generally do not write sellers on price lists, except the price. Even in most cases simply do not know the composition of the tissue. We can only guess. Generally to get out of the store I turned this meter suspiciously pleasant to the touch fabric with owls. It was decided to make something nice for the house. Frills did not fabric like in a magazine, and bought a cotton lace and sewed on the top and bottom. Bow of satin ribbon.

The pads are sewed on the pattern of the Burda December 2010. I make it especially for the baby to sleep in the car. It is a long time awake, a few kilometers in the car and he was asleep) to the neck does not get tired, that’s a thing that was chosen by the house everyone, including sleeping cat ever.

Mask for sleeping – it is the elimination of the last pieces) for yourself) The same issue of Burda 2010. By the way, the fabric is my former cotton dress that was me a couple of large sizes !!! Kind of like upset – dress once loved, but at the same time so nice))