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I’ve always been skeptical towards jumpsuits, I still think it’s tricky to make them flatter one’s shape. But I really liked this pattern and wanted to give it a try.
The fabric is an impulse buy, I saw it on an internet shop and really liked it! Had no idea what I wanted to do with it, so I just randomly bought 2m. This happened way before the issue of Burda came out.
But when it did, the idea came quick. I make a summery beachy culottes length jumpsuit, then I can use it during my trip to the Philippines :) This idea fit barely into the 2 meters I had :)
And since I’m not a fan of showing my bra or going without one, I also made a red tube top to wear under it. (I found out after wearing it that it slides down a lot, so it’ll get spaghetti straps in the near future and become officially a tank top).
It’s not an outfit I can use often as I think it looks very beach vacation, but at least now I’m a bit less skeptical to jumpsuits…they can look good :)
P.S. Photos taken on the White beach of Boracay island, The Philippines :)