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Yes, me. The sceptic for jumpsuits. The November issue came out and I fell in love at first sight! I liked everything about it, all the details.
The first challenge was to find fabric that worked, I was looking for some shade of red but was hoping for a small pattern or some checks on…then I came across this plain but oh so good to the touch wool blend jersey.
The second came with adjusting the pattern for my size combination, size 40 hips to size 38 waist. Have you seen the shape of those pattern pieces? :o That took a lot of thinking and finger crossing. But! Turned out I did it right! Didn’t need to adjust a cm after all the folding! Super proud of myself :D
Apart from that it went OK, deviations from the pattern are few:
- I cut the pant pieces from the wrong side of the fabric so my folds are opposite to those of the model.
- The slits on the front and back are shorter than the pattern (and I regret not making the back one longer a bit since it’s on the verge of being too tight to put on :s)
- I dropped the slits at the shoulder so I don’t restrict the jumpsuit wearing to only strapless bras ;)
Very happy with it and wearing it on Christmas eve.

P.S. A month and a half later, I split this into pants and a blouse. For the simple reason that I loved the fabric and really wanted to wear it more often, but a red jumpsuit isn’t exactly an everyday garment.
For the pants, I just added facings at the waist to finish them but looks wise they look exactly the same as in these photos.
The blouse I lengthened by 20 cm then cinched the waist a bit with an elastic band, the last photo shows how it turned out :)