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My kid came with a very specific idea about having a romper with a t-shirt top and since I couldn’t find any pattern that matched her design vision, I did a pattern mix-and-match where I used four different patterns to create the playsuit. So if you want to do something similar here goes my list of patterns used:

The waist placement and shaping:
Based on Burdastyle’s jumpsuit pattern 05/2016

The t-shirt top
Based on Burda’s t-shirt pattern 7916 (sadly out of print)

The shorts and pockets
Based on the lounge pants from Burdastyle issue 11-2008 #126

The back fastening
I used the the construction and pattern from an OOP Kwik Sew Polo shirt pattern. Another option is: Burdastyle’s Polo Shirt 04/2010

Just make sure the opening is long enough to have room for your body when open, since you need to enter the romper from the neckline, which can be an issue with a crew neck design.

Since it’s hard to make nice buttonholes in ribbing I used snaps for the neckline. And I interfaced the both layers of the placket with one-way stretch fusibles to make the fabric stable enough for button holes.

The casing:
I mimicked a clever method that I saw on an RTW romper. You’ll find that tutorial on my blog:
Tutorial: Easy way to make a casing for a romper/jumpsuit