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Just one year ago a jumpsuit was an unthinkable thing for me: not only I found it unpractical in certain moments, but also aesthetically it didn´t impress me.

But fortunately one is allowed to change their mind!
Again and again I saw jumpsuits here in burda forum, on fashion blogs and on runways.
Slowly my perception changed I found jumpsuits generally wonderful and I absolutely wanted to have one too!

As the april burda appeared and I saw this elegant white jumpsuit, I was definitely caught.

I chose a great soft falling, silky shimmering rayon jersey.
Because it is a 4 way elastic jersey, I omitted the zip fastener in the front.
I omitted the waist band too, because it had been too thick.
Instead I sewed a rubber band in the waist, otherwise the waist would sit very low.
For the lapel I used a solid jersey, to confer more structure to the pattern.

I´ve cut every pattern piece individually and payed a lot of attention to distribute the print as symmetrical as possible. This was fabric waste, but I think it was worth.

I am very happy with the result, it is comfortable and elegant at the same time – love it!
It is rather unusual for me to wear such loose pieces (last years I was focused on tight clothes) and pleat-front trousers were an absolute no-go for me. But now I like it, maybe because the viscose is so soft on my skin.

Maybe I will sew this pattern again, in a thin wool…