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I’m indifferent both to leather and leatherette clothes. Becides, despite all my experience I’ve never worked with such material. But when I saw this faux leather, I couldn’t leave the shop without it and all my doubts about my skills flew away in a moment:-)
I bought a special sewing machine needle for work with leather; a teflon foot ( I only bought a low part of it for 5 hryvnyas ( 50 cents ) and fixed it to the one of the usual feet which I’d never used and saved a lot because such firm foot costs here starting with $ 5.5 ); the special glue for leather isn’t available here ( at least I didn’t find it) so I bought a two-sided tape to fix the seam allowances. Besides, when I bought zippers, a salesman was so kind that shortened them himself to the right length :-) And here it is. Not only the result but the work brought a lot of enjoyment.
My only change – I refused from pockets’ flaps because didn’t want to have them on the waist.
The jacket is wel-fitted really and I got a lot of compliments today at work; a couple of my colleagues were going to visit the shop to buy the same faux leather ( didn’t want disappoint them but I purchased it last spring:-))