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I made this dress from stretch scuba fabric (a bit like softshell or college/ neopren). I hope I can use dress at summer party! The pattern is from the issue 12/2013. At the moment when first picture was taken, the dress was still unfinished, I need to once mesure upper and lower parts and join them together.

It took a time to figure out how to join upper parts together. At the end, it vas an easy task. I took a little bit in the waist so I get perfect fit. I used a black zipper to give one more detail. I will add some photos of that a bit later.

When I joined tohethet the upper and lower parts, I notised that the scuba starts to settle down and extra stitchings on the top of the armhole seam are unneeded!

I might try to sew an other dress with the same pattern and use lace as the upper fabric on the top.