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When I saw that dress I already had a fabric for it in my hands! I decided on the universal model, in Autumn colours but made from cotton (which after washing turned into a oh so soft flannel! v), so I’ll be able to wear it in Spring too.
I chose the #124 from Burda 10/2014, but I made my own interpretation of it.
First, I used only one fabric and one layer, no lace involved. Second, I made it longer. And I added the pockets for comfort. Thanks to that it’s an informal dress I wanted.
I cut the front from the top layer’s pattern so it’s gathered above the bust and wider. I cut the back from the bottom layer’s pattern, so it’s more fitted and more narrow. And to my surprise it worked together! The dress is loose enough to be able to skip the zipper.
The back neckline is slit and sewed together and I added the dark red butterfly to hide not so pretty sewing, it happens sometimes. v And don’t even ask about the unmatched checkered pattern!…. I only had 160 cm of that cotton and no perspective for buying more – I bought it in Japan, from the leftover fabric pieces bin in Tomato shop. I cut what I could and I even thought I’d have to choose another fabric for the neckline pieces because I had so little left after cutting the big front/back elements… But I somehow managed, although the front neckline pieces are cut on bias (which actually looks like it’s been done on purpose, sesese…… v). The lining for the necklines has been made from the violet batiste (it’s not visible after all).
Final conclusions – I took a chance and connected random pieces of a pattern, and the result is quite a comfortable dress with a perfect length. I may make some sisters for this one because I really like it! O
I also knited the cardigan to match it, more on my blog: http://www.friendsheep.com/2014/10/one-by-one-x2014-mori-girl-i-wiatraczkic.html