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This must be the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever bought! I still sigh and almost drool every time I look at it or touch it :D
I fell in love with it at the shop and felt it looked like sunset over some mountains, with some clouds in the sky…well, you get the idea, I’m totally in love with this fabric.
The shop had only 1.6m left which I bought (even managed to negotiate a discount :)), and I knew that I wanted to make a dress out of it, it had to be simple to show the fabric off, few pieces, no panels…But the amount of time and indecision that went into choosing which one it should be!
Finally the choice fell on this simple dress. It looked nice and I liked the opening on the back. It was also easy to sew. I managed to cut all the pieces needed out of my 1.6m apart from the lining for the back, so that particular piece is made out of 4 little pieces instead :s, but you don’t see it so it’s fine.
I got invited to a wedding in the Philippines on the beach which was the perfect motivation to sew this up :)
I also got creative and made matching shoes from the scraps, the ones in the last photo. Unfortunately the bead line on the right foot broke when I was putting it on for the party, so the beads from the left foot had to also be removed and not make an appearance in public :( Well…will buy me some jewelry string and fix it for the summer…
I loved having this dress on, definitely a favorite and already a candidate for another wedding later this year in Poland.
Photos taken in beautiful Laiya, Batangas, The Philippines.