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I made this dress from the Prairie Dress pattern. It was an easy make and it’s delightful to wear. I especially like the bodice which is not too closely fitted and so, allows for freedom of movement especially on a hot summer day —this dress was definitely made to be worn in the sun. The waistline on the bodice hits above my natural waist, which is quite cool because it makes the full gathered skirt actually conceal my large bum rather than accentuate it, as would have been the case if the waistline was sitting right at my waist. The only quirk of this pattern are kinda narrow lower sleeves which I had to cut off because my loosely-woven fabric was coming apart at the seams. I never thought my forearms big but you live and learn. The only thing I changed was the button placket —I just couldn’t understand what the instructions were calling for so I went with my tried and true method of just folding the placket twice and reinforcing it with interfacting. I chose to do 16 (16!) buttonholes for some extra quirkiness. I believe there should be an award for sewing any amount of buttons over 15. If there was one, I’d give it to myself.

Since I chose a sheer fabric for my dress, I needed a slip for it. I chose a simple pattern called Slip Dress and made it in pink artificial something (might be viscose because it’s breathable —polyester would melt on me). It was HELL to cut because of the slippery fabric and the bias layout but luckily, it was so quick to sew up! I finished both pieces with french seams wherever I could.

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