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A friend of mine from India visited and brought me a gorgeous Pashmina shawl as a gift. I looked at it and didn’t want to hide it just tied around my neck, I wanted to show off this print!
So I went for a second scarf-to-clothes project (This is the first).
I basically folded the shawl in half, sewed the sides and made a neck opening. I only used a pattern for the neck opening and made a matching facing from light canvas so it maintains shape. Tried it on, then adjusted the side seams to make it narrower so it looks less “hangy”.
Since it’s rather see though, I made a slip dress from satin based on the pattern linked but quite a bit shorter. I didn’t pose in it as it looks very underwear like but the last two pics are it :)
And given the lightness of the Pashmina I can tuck into pants and it looks great as a top. Or as a tunic with a little cord belt, or as a short dress with the same belt. The possibilities are endless. And it feels like a dream on my skin. I love earing this!
Photos featuring my cat JJ :)