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I made this dress using the pattern 123 from Burda Style 09/2014 (German issue). I mostly don’t care for or really dislike the execution of the patterns in the magazine, but I really liked this dress in the magazine! The checkered version inspired me to use a checkered fabric, too.

Because I get hot really fast, I decided to make the dress into two pieces that I can also wear separately – I used wool after all.
People commented that the outfit looks a little bit seventies and I agree! I wasn’t even aware of that!

The pattern was typically Burda Style and didn’t fit me that well – but I was already prepared because I haven’t found a Burda Style pattern that fit me well.

This dress is really unusual for me. If you want to read more why and some thoughts on the pattern and the alterations I had to make, go to my blog: exclamation-point.de