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Min bste vns brllop del 1: Klnningen.
My best friend’s wedding part 1: The dress.

Oh my gooooood! This is by far the most complicated project I´ve ever taken on! I was so cocky and calm saying yes to making my best friends wedding dress. Maybe then I should have had in mind the panic I would face when it was time to perform in front of the sewing machine.

Well, it all worked out fine in the end despite a bride loosing weight all the time so that the fittings changed EVERYTHING all the time (damn you brides who do that!). And despite the time frame changing as it took longer and longer to finish. When I finally could deliver the dress with its matching petticoat, the handover taking place at Malm train station, Sweden, as the train stopped for embarking and disembarking passengers, it was a fast transaction between me and the brides mom since I would remain on the train until reaching Copenhagen, Denmark and the airport further on to a vacation. Then, as the train ran over the resundsbridge, I finally could breath out – just in time – cocky as hell!

The dress is a circle skirt, that I drafted myself (google it and you will find a lot of different descriptions on how to draft a circle skirt), attached to a corset that I based on the burdastyle-pattern. I did some modifications on the corset-pattern though. The corset part is fully lined. Outside it’s two layers: the bottom layer in some silkish kind of fabric and the top layer in a thin tulle fabric.