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This was actually a muslin for my Make It With Wool entry. I cut a size 38 without any alterations. The pictures are without the hem completely done. I took my time with it thinking that I was making a wearable muslin, but the neckline gapes A LOT and the armholes were a bit bigger than I wanted, but the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. I did cut off a couple inches once I hemmed it and it looked much better, so I gave it to my sister to wear. I will try to remember to take some more pictures now that the hem is complete!

A couple notes on this pattern for any who might take it on: I LOVE this pattern! However, I definitely recommend making a muslin of the bodice at least because the neckline gapes. I’m 5’7" and the dress was midi length on me, so depending on what length is your style, you’ll probably have to make adjustments. Also, I recommend doing a lighter weight fabric than flannel as there is a lot of bulk around the cap sleeves. And I read a couple reviews that mention the side bodice points are really pointy – this can be fixed by adding a small piece of interfacing right over the corner (it mentions it in the instructions). Not only will it protect that corner seam, but it also helps shape the bust point much more gently.