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I always liked this pattern because of its simplicity, feminine silhouette and good fitting.
Initially, the fabric was bought for sewing a jacket ( probably if it was aimed for the dress, I would make a suit…?:-)) But as it was enough to make some classic dress, I changed my mind almost at once after bringing the fabric home. So the pattern and the fabric seemed to wait my inspiration to join and unite forever:-)
The last component was the necklace I saw in the Internet ( the link is given). So all the participants gathered together and forced me to work a little:-)
The fabric was cut across, it helped to represent its interesting texture better. I also lengthened the sleeves: it made better proportions.
And I refused from the lining because the fabric lets keep the skirt’s silhouette good enough without it.
The jewellry was made by myself, too. I changed the pattern a lot because the suggested beads were too small and I couldn’t but add earrings to get a set ( the blue beads on the picture are purple in real).
I like the final result a lot.