1 / 2022

I started working on this dress right after I knew I was pregnant. Yes, stupid, but spring was coming so you know what I mean. Gathered skirts are absolutely not flattering for my figure, but still, I made it with the original skirt, you never know. Bad idea, so I copy pasted an A line skirt from a dress that fits me well. But then my belly was getting too big, so I had to put the project aside. 2 years later I picked it up again, finished, lined and everything, when I realized it didn’t fit me at all. I had to adjust a lot on the waistline, shorten the front bodice and shorten the back skirt. I had to adjust over and over again and was ready to throw it away. Glad I didn’t, ‘m happy how it eventually turned out. Although I wouldn’t make it again. I’m not used to such an open neckline. Also, the lining tends to come out at my bust, even though I topstitched, is this typical for sweetheart necklines?