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I saw this wonderful pattern out of Burda 7/2015 no. 121 and knew – this is my next project. But this year in northern Germany the summer was so lala… So I decided to take longer sleeves. At this time I like the patterns of the middle age and I want to make something, which is wearable in these days. The dagged sleeves and the skirt with the overskirt are an inspiration out of the middle age fashion. So I found a top idea for my dress in Burda 5/2012 no. 132. Thank you Burdastyle that we can combine the patterns together without any difficulty. The only little problem was the 3-piece-sleeve-approach. There I was a little in trouble to make it good looking.
Yes and I need something for a fair (I am exhibitor) for the next weekend and that should be a breath of Haute Couture but self made for sure…