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My sophomore year’s marching band show was Cirque Du Solei’s KA, an Asian inspired show with lots of fun music and colors. I had the opportunity to create one of a kind uniforms for me and my fellow Drum Major back in 2012. I was inspired by the “qipao”, a garment worn by Chinese women for centuries. I used a pattern I found on ModernSewingPatterns that was the perfect silhouette I was looking for! The outer shell (Qipao) is some fuchia asian brocade I found at Joann’s, and underneath I made a black spandex unitard with spandex from my favorite company SpandexHouse. The Qipao top is edged with bright turquoise ribbon and complete with frog braid closures I made from scratch. With the leftover fabric I also made some arm warmers for added detailing when conducting.