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I made Dany’s Qarth dress to wear for my Game of Thrones 30th birthday. Info can be found here:
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I needed a costume for my end of term belly dance performance. As I pretty much destroyed my birthday costume with red wine and tomato sauce, I figured it was better to refashion into something else than have all that georgette go to waste. The only extra purchases were a £4 bra and £6 of coin trim, so overall I think it was pretty thrifty of me. I used this lady’s helpful tutorial:
I intend to finish the beading on the bra, I just ran out of time. The skirt is just a big gathered rectangle with a triangle hip scarf. The bra is super comfy and secure. I’d definitely recommend making your own if you have trouble finding costumes to fit you. What I really want now are some big dragon shaped dangly earrings!