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i took on the task of making a few costumes for some friends’ children to wear this halloween. there is princess leia(3yr), r2d2(5yr) and yoda (12mths). i drafted the pattern for yoda’s robe and vest myself and used a sleeveless dress pattern for a base for the gown, just added more in the waist, lengthened it at the bottom and added sleeves by drawing the pattern straight out from the shoulder. r2’s top is a long sleeved blue shirt and the details are iron-on decals, i used a template i found online for the chest part and created and added all of the extra boxes and lines myself. it was rather time consuming, but i think it turned out rather unique. the tutu i made with elastic as the waistband. i found an awesome tutorial online that made it an absolute cinch to complete http://treasuresfortots.blogspot.com/2009/11/easy-no-sew-tutu-tutorial-giveaway.html. sorry for the low- quality cell pics, i wasn’t thinking about posting them before i delivered them to the kiddos! they look so much better in person, haha i’m no good at tutorials, but if anyone needs help whippin’ a costume up, message me! :)