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The theme for part of my hen do (the bit were we go out to a nightclub and everyone tries to ply me with drink) is 40s pin up sailor girl (which was my idea). We’r off to a Burlesque club in London so we’ll fit right in.

Rather than just buy a dress or some high waisted shorts and a cute 40s style nautical blouse (from Vivian of Holloway or Tara Starlet for example) I decided to make my outfit (NATURALLY!).

One of all time favourite films is Calamity Jane. Not for the Calamity Jane bits of the story but the Adalaide Adams and Katie Brown performance bits. I’m surprised I wasn’t beckoned into a life of performance.

SO it seemed an obvious choice to take the opportunity to make a nautical version of the pink and gold corset. the film was made in the early 50s so I figure I can get away with it. At any rate, I’m the bride so I can wear what i want! ;0

Any hoo – at this stage in the game (20 June) I’m not quite finished with the outfit and have a few tweaks to make. But I am biting at the bit to share my efforts thus far.

I used Butterick Pattern 4254 (4 styles) Ladies Stays and Corset Pattern sizes 6 to 10.

*Still to do:
-At royal blue chiffon ruffle to the top of the cup
-Add lining to the ‘skirt’ part
-‘Bustle’ up the sides of the ‘skirt’ part of the outfit.
-Make myself some ruffley knickers/hotpants to go underneath
-Sew the red trim to the top of the corset (just pinned on in the pictures)
-If I’ve got time (I’ve got a week to finish it) make a sailor fabric ‘necklace’ (so square in the back and comes into a point at the front)
-Make the ‘bustle’ at the back (in the image where Katie is side on)

Please note – in the last image I’ve not tightened the corset so it won;t be that ‘up and down’ when it’s complete.