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I really needed a light spring coat that I could wear over full skirts, and this is the one I came up with. I actually made it at the end of the autumn 2012, so I had to wait for five months to finally wear it!

The design is based on Lilac It a Lot Coat fom Modcloth. I really loved the bodice with scalloped button closure and super cute 3/4 sleeves (that’s why I decided to copy it shamelessly :)), but I needed a fuller skirt. For the bodice part I used pattern #127 from Burda 11/2010 as a base, and then I just modified it to get the look that I wanted. For the skirt I did some pleating in the front and gathering in the back. This was my first time using the piping, I was a bit afraid that finishing those scallops with piping might be tricky but it wasn’t at all. All in all, I’m really happy how it turned out!
Oh, and for those weird looking shoulders – I was wearing a sweater with huge puffed sleeves underneath the coat! Not such a smart choice for a picture taking day :)

You may recognize this fabric from my very decent dress , it’s the same print just in different color. Those two pieces were the one of my first fabrics finds ever, from back when I just started sewing. They were sitting in my stash for so long, I started to lose hope I will ever find the right use for them. But in the end these two garments turned out to be one of my absolute favorites! Guess it was worth waiting :)