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I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be a painter’s smock, but that’s certainly what this feels like to me! Burda’s patterns are very nearly always well-made, but this one in particular is impeccable drafted (well, except for the curved collar), with tons of inset corners that joined up perfectly. It’s one of those patterns that’s a joy to sew, when everything matches up and just comes together like a little puzzle – match up corners and notches here, a bit of gathering there, pieces join to be the Centre Back in unexpected ways – that sort of thing!

So why isn’t it finished here? Because the style really doesn’t suit me, and I cannot imagine myself ever wearing it – the oversized look just really isn’t me, it’s too lightweight to be of any warmth (any thicker fabric and the gathers would be a mess!), and with no fastenings, it’d just blow right open anyway. But for someone in a warmer climate with different tastes, I think this is a really nice pattern. It’s just not me, so I’ll be abandoning this without a lining or pocket bags, and I’m fine with that.

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