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I used Vogue 1419 by Ralph Rucci, an advanced coat pattern with flared sleeves, a flared skirt, a nipped waist, no shoulder sleeves, and nontraditional seam lines. It features welt pockets and buttonholes bound with a contrast fabric.

The coat itself was actually fairly easy to assemble. The details on the coat—especially the pockets and buttonholes—at least doubled the time it took to make the garment. I wrote a blog post with detailed pictures and instructions on how to make mitered corners, bound buttonholes, and welt pockets, here! http://anelisemadeit.blogspot.com/2015/01/bound-buttonholes-welt-pockets-and.html

I made a few significant changes to the pattern. First, I decided to fully line my coat. I liked the overall effect; I thought it was neater than the alternative and actually helped give my rather floppy wool the necessary body. The lining was pretty much a second copy of the coat. I also changed the type of buttonholes to traditional bound buttonholes.

For more pictures and information about how I assembled the coat, check out my blog! http://anelisemadeit.blogspot.com/2015/01/vogue-1419-my-winter-white-coat.html