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I made this long wool coat in about 4 weekends. The outer coat is wool boucle which I underlined with double-faced cotton flannel for stability and warmth and lined with an olive poly-satin.

The pattern was of average ease for a Burda Style pattern. The notched collar was a new technique that took just a bit of playing around with to get correct. I mis-cut the outer fabric because I did not see the instruction to cut the back neck facing of the outer fabric, but I was able to MacGyver it when I attached the lining. I finished the coat with wooden buttons on the double breasted front and sleeves.

Over-all I am incredibly happy with the coat. I plan to add carriers for the belt, and find a way to take the back vent a bit lower to keep it shut. It has been super cold and windy here in the North East and sometimes I think I am about to take off.

This project is based on Long Plaid Coat 10/2010 #109.