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The coat is the most difficult thing I have ever sewn and I am very proud of it. Of course I have learned a lot in the process and there are still few mistakes left. But I will be better next time. I promise.

I made the coat for my mom at her name day. She wanted new colorful and warm coat that looks like her old one. I chose this pattern because it was the most similar that I could find in my Burda collection. I didn’t make lots of changes. I have added more buttons and buttonholes to the front, I have included batting to be warmer, I have slimmed the sleeves and fully lined.

I am sorry for the quality of the pictures. The coat looks greyish but it is more to be green like in the picture with the white background.

The winter in Latvia has ended and we all are happy to greet the spring. The coat will wait until next winter when warm my mom and fulfill the days with color.