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A couple of winters ago I made my mom a red coat from Burda Magazine 11/2003. I changed a couple of things about the pattern, like the depth of the collar and the trim down the sleeves.
The store bought quilted lining I originally used wasn’t lasting as long as I would have liked. And the armholes needed to be changed because the dropped shoulder design was bunching up under the arm. I think the lining was too thick for the design of the coat.
So this past summer I took the entire thing apart. Cut new armholes, changed the sleeves to fit in the new armholes. Instead of cutting and sewing entirely new sleeves I simply cut the tops off the old ones and added new pieces.
My mom wanted a hood but didn’t want to give up the collar. So I made a hood that folded up into the collar. The hood/collar design was inspired by a Sewaholic pattern I had. I also replaced the ribbing on the collar with polar fleece.
I quilted a new lining in black nylon, replaced a pocket zipper, stitched the split in the back up. I reused the zipper, and the zipper facing.