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This is the coat that I made four winters ago and I’ve never found the right moment to take photos of it. I was always waiting for the ideal amount of snow to cover the ground and create the perfect setting but, alas, winter idyll was never in sync with my free time. So I gave up that idea and decided that the right time is now! Actually, right time was like three and a half years ago but better late than never :)

My coat is a copy of Babylon coat from Modcloth. I really loved the silhouette created with tiers and I knew that it wouldn’t be that hard to recreate this look. For the bodice I used pattern #112 from Burda 10/20120 as a base, and then I freehanded the bottom part. I had only 2.20m of fabric so my version is shorter, with only two tiers. I used literally every piece of fabric, in the end I had to make facings from scraps! It was one of those Tim Gun’s Make it work! moments :) For the lining I chose cotton, mostly because I really liked cheerful and colorful print. Although pretty that wasn’t very smart, you want your lining to be slippery so that it doesn’t cling onto your clothes. But I still like it, it makes me smile and I love when my clothes do that.

Outerwear was always my favorite thing to sew, and this coat is on top of my favorites as well! I’ve been wearing it for four winters now and it holds up really well. I must say, I’m quite proud of my younger self :)

The last picture illustrates what will happen when you leave anything made of wool unguarded for five minutes! I had to include it:)