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I used to have a wrap cardigan a long time ago, that I totally wore out. It went well with most of my clothes and I absolutely loved it.
End of last year I started getting nostalgic about it and decide to crochet myself one. As an extra challenge to myself, I decided to draft the pattern myself as well.
I measured and drew, made a pattern, bought this beautiful light grey mohair, decided to use single stitch for front and back, and something more interesting for the sleeves and belt. My choice fell on the Triple loop shells (from the book The complete photo guide to crochet by Margaret Hubert) and beginning of January started working on it.
By beginning of February I was done. I connected the pieces together, put it on and…..I hated it!
The sleeves turned out too long, the shoulders too drooped, the wrap fronts too big so they wrap too much covering the whole front…which tells you something about my pattern drafting skills :p), so I threw it into a plastic bag ans moved on to other projects.
Finally a couple of weeks ago, after taking a month and a half pause from it, I took a deep breath and started the rework. Took the sleeves off and shortened them, didn’t undo the shoulders but connected the sleeved at the correct spot, tried on, adjusted a few things here and there on those sleeves, folded in the front edges to where I wanted them to be and sewed them in place, added a little scalloped edge to the hem and finally arrived at something I was happy with.
It’s nice, warm, goes with at least 90% of my wardrobe and actually looks good on me.