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Silk Waistcoat – Burda Handicrafts Special: Silk Painting – 4/1992

Deep down in my vintage fabric remnants haul – which orignated from my friends’ mum who owned a sewing business in the early seventies – I came across some faux fur and hairy trimming. I had exactly enough of each of these to make a bohemian style furry vest, with enough trim to wrap around the neckline and keep me warm. I can tell its synthetic fur because of the stiff interlaced backing, and the trim appears to be dyed wool attached to a suede strip. The furry trim attracts lots of little things that get caught in it though, and it was a little tricky to stitch due to the long fur or nap. The fur fabric didn’t take long to stitch up at all, it is short haired so largely flat. I removed the front darts on the original paper pattern, and smoothed out the resulting hem lines and edges. I didn’t follow the stitching instructions lol, and I simply just folded all edges over the lining and stitched it down. The lining comes from a worn out gored skirt I had which had a kind of bohemian pattern on it. I made sure to sew pockets in both inside fronts of the lining pieces before lining the waistcoat, as I love pockets, especially secret ones. I didn’t add any buttons, and I made the waistcoat in the largest size in anticipation that I can wear it over warm winter woolens. Location: Auckland University