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After moving to Dubai, I have been crazy busy setting up the house n job hunting, but I cant resist sewing when hubby dearest asks me to with a Lower-lip pout ;-) . One evening, two days before his School Reunion my husband had a bright idea of a Vest as part of his outfit. So it was a frantic run to the fabric store and cutting, sewing and 2 fittings later it was party time. It is not perfect but he liked it and enjoyed wearing it for the evening. He was also honored by his Principal for helping find a lost schizophrenic person. I omitted pockets because of lack of time. The 3/4 yard of suiting fabric and 1 yard of lining cost me approx 20 dollars, the red wooden buttons cost me about a dollar for half a dozen. Very very worth it. He is wearing his a sticker tag with his name, year of passing out and house name. (there were competitions as in school after dividing people according to houses). Last three pictures during the fitting and finishing. This is my first Project on my New Sewing machine Brother XL-5700, which was my “Welcome-to Dubai-gift” from hubby. Only right that the first project I made was for him. XOXO >_<