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Firstly, let me start off with a disclaimer: I don’t actually know how to swim. Hehehh.

I couldn’t find any swimsuits I liked that I could buy off the rack, and when it comes to 2-piece suits it’s even worse considering my pear shape body as most suits I see here require you to buy both pieces in the same size (where’s the love?! WAIL).

This is my first bathing suit, and I’m glad it turned out alright! I love the vintage look of the Allison, and sewing with swim spandex wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it’d be. I had to rip out the elastics because I stretched them moderately the first round, only to realise my thighs are pretty much thunder thighs so it’s best I don’t stretch them at all while sewing— it fits better, and there was no unwanted peekaboos in the water either.

I made the straps rather long so they could tie differently at the back. There is another variation in tying it that I didn’t get to photograph, I think you can have some fun with the possibilities :D

I also made a high waisted 2-piece bathing suit using the same pattern. All in all they held up pretty well at the pool and the beach. I’m rather shy about posing with just the suit, but anyway I’m sure you’re all familiar with how the Alison looks ;-)

(And since I’m shy, I made a floral cover up to walk to the pool/beach and back.)

Oh, and, achievement unlocked in this suit: I finally learned how to breathe underwater :-3 .. one giant leap for mekind.