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One Piece Swimsuit with Halter Top – Kombi Knits by Beverley Sharp #309d 1979

This should be my final bathing suit I’m making now, thank goodness, well until another great burdastyle pattern comes along that it is lol. The lattice is made of thin tubes crossed over each other and sewn at the edges. The front consists of side panels and princess seams.The fabric is very stretchy and I used a zig zag stitch but its not the tidiest lol. I like the cut of this pattern including the leg line as well as the angled back, and especially the bias bound edging. It fits comfortably and stays in place, but it stretched too much around all the opening edges when I tested it in the water. It dries at a normal rate but not quickly. Don’t mind me, I’m just sticking my butt out doing an impression of a high-fashion-model lolz! Hahaha. Location: Milford Beach