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I made a SWIMSUIT!! A real actual, wearable swimsuit. This is definitely my proudest sewing moment to date. It’s the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Files that is just so hot right now! And its the middle of winter here in Australia right now but I had to get in on the action…

So the intimidation factor was pretty high. I fully expected to sweat and slave and maybe cry a little but it was actually a really enjoyable sew. Relaxing even. I followed the Sewalong which broke the whole thing down into neat bite sized steps and just did a bit each night. There was nothing brain-straining, even the little section where you have to work out a percentage of elastic (maths eek!) came and went without dramas.

The fabric is aaaamazing and I’m a little sorry to see it all used up now. It’s a photographic print of a beach scene!

More details and pics on the blog