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When you make something in this house with four girls everybody wants one!! Been having sooo much fun making different versions of surf suits for me and the girls. Always trying to find good coverage in a suit and at a good price, now a days that is almost nonexistent, the smaller the suit the bigger the $$$ cost! I want something conservative, but not ugly and at an affordable price. So thankful I am able to make myself and my little women exactly what we want.
One thing I learned with this project which has given me many sleepless nights is how to make a reversible bathing suit bottom with no elastic AT ALL!! I’ve tired to wrap my head around this forever and searched the internet and still haven’t found any tutorials. I hope to make a tutorial the world needs it now that I know how the magic happens!! Also got some drafting practice in with this too, still a lot of guesstimating, but it works for now.