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I made this skirt around the end of October, and it’s possibly my favourite make from the entire year!

I bought this fabric while I was in London and this skirt is exactly what I envisioned to make with it. I used one of my tried-and-true patterns from December 2010 issue of Burda – if you’re looking for a fitted, high waisted skirt this is your pattern! It’s such a universally flattering shape, I really couldn’t recommend it more.

Despite making this pattern several times before I did managed to cut it too short by accident, so in order to save the garment I had to add a strip of fabric around the hem. It turned out that I really like the look of this hem band! You gotta love lucky accidents sometimes :D

If you wanna read more about it and see more pictures, you can head on to my (kinda) brand new blog ! I hope you’ll like it :)