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My mom loves to tell people about her crafty daughter who makes clothes all the time, so all of her friends and neighbors keep bringing her piles of clothes they don’t use but surely think I could make something out of. Literally, whenever I go home there’s a mountain of stuff piled upon my bed! So yeah, I guess I’m sort of a local thrift store :)

This skirt is made out of dress I was gifted by one of my mom’s above mentioned friends. I love the pinafore style and 90’s vibe of original dress and if it weren’t too small I would totally wear it as is. It looked like it would be easy to transform it into skirt – just chop off bodice, make waistband facing and done. Alas, of course it wasn’t. The skirt was too tight around my hips so I had to let the pleat out, which then left me with a giant whole over the stomach. I resolved that by cutting a new piece using fabric from the bodice and placing it across upper front of the skirt, while folding sides of the upper front to make the pockets (I hope this makes sense :)). Anyway, there was a lot of freehanding (is that even a verb?) and fiddling to make pockets lay flat and symmetrical, and what supposed to be quick and easy project turned into hours and hours of work. The only reason I didn’t give up on it was because I was so hung up on idea of simple red wool skirt and I had already made a million outfit combinations in my mind, I wasn’t ready to let that go. Such a girl.

Long story short, eventually I finished it and although I don’t find it to be perfect I love the skirt! It’s a perfect staple piece in my closet (just as I thought it would be) and high waisted A-line shape is very flattering on everyone. Moral of the story – it feels awesome when you go the extra mile and everything turns out good in the end. Or – easy way out is not not always the easy way out and sometimes is smarter to start from scratch.
This one can go either way :)