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I started this project as a stash-buster — something to use up 3 yards of smoky blue-grey rayon I bought on impulse from a remnant bin on Queen Street, Toronto (guy at the store: That fabric was really popular. I sold a ton of it! How about $6/m?). Fast forward to 3 years later, and I’ve finally got around to using up this stuff …

The skirt was really simple to sew and design. It’s a long, elastic waist, dirndl skirt, but to jazz it up, I added a slight high-low hem, and side slit pockets. For extra DIY giggles, I hand-painted a bunch of monarch butterflies up the back.

All in all, this project took about a month and a half to finish, what with a baby wiggling and crawling around under foot, and waiting a day in between butterfly colour layers to let the fabric paint dry completely. Good thing I captured the whole process in a YouTube video and blog post for posterity!

This is the first project I’m posting on BurdaStyle after skulking around the site on and off for the past few years. (“Oh, my stuff isn’t good enough. My stuff looks weird. I don’t have any real sewing training.”) Bah! Excuses! So here I am, taking the plunge into the wonderful world of BurdaStyle with you!

Thank you so much for taking a peek at my project and let me know what you think.

Next Up: I try to sew something once a month or so and create a YouTube video and blog post for the project. Next up is a grey flannel and leather tote for fall!