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When I discovered the Top Viva in the magazine La Maison Victor Summer 2014, I immediately decided that he would join my dressing. By itself, it has everything I like in a garment: comfort, simplicity and above-detail-of-death-that-kills.
Well, here we have a sacred detail, I agree with you lol. But how can you resist this face neck back??
I wanted something original, but eventually I played sobriety with a superb fabric to discrete motifs, ethnic inspiration. Instead bands sequins original model, I chose to put the piping along the sides of the back, to mark the opening, but also at the neckline.
Obviously when I found, by the merest chance, satin cotton perfectly coordinated color level, I did not hesitate one second. To sublimate, a rather simple model but a small effect: a high waisted mini-skirt.
This is the model 113 of Burda magazine for the month of April 2014 . I simplified as possible by removing pockets. However, given the transparency, I fully lined skirt.

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