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Self drafted 8 gore, 8 godet skirt. Using a tutorial from Sew Vera Venus

I wanted a skirt I could swing dance in that would provide a lot of twirl but still be a little modest too. That did not work. Attempt 1 started the godets too low and it looked so bad.. I have no words for how bad. Just bad. Attempt 2 is this version and I still think that where the godets start is a bit off in relation to the widest part of my hips but it is better. Not sure I have the will to keep trying this but if I did I think I would add more width to my gores and then start the godets either slightly lower or way way higher. I did spend a lot of time doing some top stitching but it’s pretty much lost in the pattern which is fine by me. I think from a far and to anybody without sewing knowledge, it looks like a circle skirt ;(