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I’ve had this fabric from the $1.99 a yard bargain loft lying around for a while so I thought it would be good to test this vintage pattern on. I love the print on the fabric but when I started sewing it didn’t seem to dyed very well so wherever the needle goes in you can see a little bit of white.

This is a vintage pencil skirt pattern I liked because there’s no side seams. I fully lined it with a vent in the back. It ended up being very comfortable. I decided to use an exposed zipper, but when sewing the waistband down I messed up and hit the top of the zipper. I had to take my machine in the be fixed and everything. The top bit of the zipper is dented and it won’t close all the way now. I would ordinarily have replaced it but since I had already accepted disappointments with the fabric quality, and I had had a hard time finding a zipper with the right color tape, I just left it like that. I am very pleased with it and excited to make a few more.