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I really like the high-low skirt look but didn’t want to pay for one in a shop as I could really easily make one for myself. So I drafted this circle, high-low, wrap style skirt and made one out of satin polyester in my favourite colour. The fabric is thick so I hemed it by turning it over only once and stitching it down twice to minimise fraying, and as the inside of the garment is visible I flat-felled the side seams for a clean finish.
It stays up really well, although it is quite heavy, just with a single knot and bow at the waist.
It is in theory reversible, but I don’t think I will wear it with the shiny side out, too flashy :P

I also topstitched the waist band as the fabric is hard to press into a sharp edge, so to avoid it looking sloppy all edges were topstitched.

This took about 2.5m of very wide fabric, but I was very generous and ended up cutting a bit off before hemming.