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Pencil Skirt from Gretchen Hirsch’s new Book “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing”. I used some couture techniques in the skirt – catch stitching the seams flat, fell stitching the hem and waistband, and underlining the whole skirt. I am really please with the final fit and finish – this skirt is going to get some serious wear! The fashion fabric in this project is my own hand dyed fabric using fibre reactive dye with bleached white calico, adding the underlining turned what could have been a very ordinary piece into something really special with just enough body in the fabric for that column shape to hold. I love how good this skirt looks on the inside as well as the outside (hence all the inside pics). I pick stitched the zipper in place and absolutely love it – I will be doing it all the time from now on, total control and it looks great!