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I made this one last year, around the end of autumn hoping I’ll wear it with tights in winter but that never happened. And to be honest, I was so busy with projects lately (you can take a look at my last few blog posts for more details about that) that I kinda forgot about it where it was stored with the summer clothes in the guest room wardrobe :D Until recently I reached into there to grab a shirt and saw it!

The weather right now is perfect for it, so I took it out yesterday and wore it to work. This is the most comfortable thing, I love it! And I’m sure I’ll wear it loads during spring and summer and until it becomes too cold for it outside :)

As for the technical details, I followed the pattern pretty much the whole way apart from 2 things:
- When I got to the zipper part, I thought a bit, pinned it together and tried to pull it on and it worked, so I ditched the zipper. It’s jersey after all!
- My instructions didn’t have the measurements of the front (I don’t know what to call it) center gathered bit, so I improvised that. It turned out a bit narrower than on the model, but OK.

All in all, very happy me :)