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My little sister Basma wanted shorts, she liked a pair at M&S but for some reason they went crazy with the prices and it cost $60!! What?! For M&S?! She asked me if I can make her a pair and I of course said yes :)
I aimed to match the M&S model as much as I can (see last pic), used a linen fabric from the stash but it was too see-through for shorts so I lined it with thicker linen.
The Burda pattern was very similar to what we wanted, so the alterations are quite small:
- Ditched the piping.
- Added another pocket at the back.
- Added 6 belt carriers.
- Created a belt with 2 D-ring buckle.
I like how it turned out and Basma likes her new shorts. A win-win situation :) And at a price tag of $15! Eat that M&S :D