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These shorts were a speed sewing challenge. I wanted to make them in 3 hours, counting cutting. I didn’t quite make that. My sewing time without most of the unpicking (there wasn’t that much though) was 2hrs 30mins, cutting time was about 45-50 mins. Not bad for me as I tend to take quite a while to do things.

I am super pleased with the fit of these, especially at the back, which, as we know, is the hardest part to fit on pants/trousers.

I gave them a gusset for comfort while cycling (like on my Cut21 jeans). I used felled seams on that, but all the other seams are zigzag or overcasting stitch neatened. There is an invisible zip at the back. It’s cream because I ran out of the black ones.

The pockets and waistline are taped to stop gaping and stretching.

The pattern is an adaption of a previous self-drafted shorts pattern, which in turn was based on Aldrich’s jeans block. If I were to make another pair of shorts, I think I would increase the waistline, because, well, I won’t be able to eat a large meal in these! :)