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I’ve been sewing so much more this past summer than I have been all school year and it’s felt so renewing. I made the shorts that I’m wearing using a vintage pattern that I bought at a thrift store a few years ago. That day was such a good thrifting score. I found a whole box of 1940/50s sewing patterns for sale and each pattern was only 50 cents. Needless to say I bought a lot and this project was one of the patterns that I bought.

I’ve made three different pairs of these shorts and and each time I make a new one I fall in love again. They’re so comfortable, and the fitting in the crotch was perfectly drafted, which I’ve had a hard time finding that in modern sewing patterns. Although I’ve only sewn a few pants patterns so I’m sure there are a lot of great ones I’ve been missing out on. What are your favorite pants sewing patterns?

All photos are self portraits taken by myself.

More photos over on my blog! http://esther-fromthesticks.blogspot.com/2014/08/summer-sewing-vintage-plaid-high.html