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A sweater refashion.
Bought a plain sweater, took the sleeves in, did a high-low hem, and appliqued the brocade motif in faux leather.

Drafted the design on paper and cut it with manicure scissors.
Ironed some fusible interfacing to the faux leather, because it was very thin.
Placed the motifs on the faux leather, realizing I have a problem: the paper pattern pieces cannot be pinned on the faux leather because the pins leave holes! So I attached the paper pieces onto the fabric with some 3M tape, and again cut with manicure scissors. Of course I had to peel the tape afterwards, but it did not leave any mark.
Placed the faux leather motifs on the sweater, one at a time, again securing them with some tape, and sewing manually with tiny running stitches. At first I planned to machine-sew, but it was very fiddly, and the combination of a knit fabric with the slippery faux leather did not work well on my machine, so I decided to sew by hand.