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Leather bustier – BurdaStyle 01/2012 #124

Granted, we’ve just come through the festive season, so I needed assistance getting myself into this bustier top. However I think the problem was that I did not use the more forgiving stretch suede, or leather; even fabric with some elastane would be more suitable, to give a great fit as well as comfort. Comfort was sadly not considered due to inexperience lol, and I went for what was in my vintage 70s era stash: a type of metallic foil woven fabric, with matching vintage red satin lining, and I just had enough of it. I won’t divulge the makeshift way I installed the open-ended zip after trimming it to the correct length lol. Lots of boning was used in the panels, it reminded me of something like my great grandmother would have worn. Update: To try and add some leeway to the non-stretchy fabric, I inserted an elasticized triangular piece at the back, after removing the boning from the center only. I think it could be classified as a ‘gusset’ of some type. Not sure how professional my adjustment is lol, but it affords some needed breathing room, however slight the added stretch will be.