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Leather bustier – BurdaStyle 01/2012 #124

Granted we’ve just come through the festive season, which is why I needed assistance getting myself into this bustier top, despite it being the correct size. However I think the problem was I didn’t use the more forgiving stretch suede or even leather, and instead I went for what was in my 70s era stash: a type of metallic foil patterned woven fabric, and I just had enough of it. Great for evening.

I also found some lovely red vintage satin lining for the inside. I won’t divulge the makeshift way that I installed the open-ended zip after trimming it to the correct length. Lots of boning was used in the panels, it reminded me of something my great grandmother would have come across. Hence I wouldn’t want to eat too much… or breathe for that matter,lol!